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Best Coffee in River North ChicagoThose who live in Chicago are aware that surviving the winter in this city requires hot, freshly brewed cups of coffee — and quite a few of them! However, even in the warmer months, many residents of this great city seek out coffee in different forms, from straight black coffee to sweet, blended coffee concoctions. All year round, Chicagoans love their coffee, and companies such as Asado, Intelligenntsia, La Colombe and Metropolis are doing a brilliant job of serving the best-quality beans to the people in the city.

To help you decide with java joint to try out next, here is a list of some of the best coffee shops near River North Park apartments in Chicago.


1. Asado Coffee Roasters

The Asado Coffee Co. started in 2009 and, since then, has been serving perfect cups of coffee to many Chicagoans in River North Chicago. It has its set of loyal customers who cannot think of a better way to start their day than getting a cup of Asado’s coffee! There are two outlets of Asado’s Coffee in River North Chicago. One is located at 363 W Erie, and the other is located at 1432 W Irving Park Road.

2. Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

Bow Truss aims to make customized coffee more accessible to its customers by offering outstanding naturals, single origins and direct trade via global collaborations and partnerships. You can visit the Bow Truss coffee shop located at 406 Wells St. in River North Chicago. Pick up a cup on your way to work or while coming back from office and enjoy a perfect start and end to your day!

3. Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Alfred Peet opened the doors to the first Peet’s Coffee & Tea shop in 1966. This chain of coffee shops has been committed to serving high-quality American coffee to its customers for decades. You can enjoy a range of different coffee blends at Peet’s, including Uzuri African Blend, Arabia Mocha-Java and much more.

If you are a coffee lover, don’t forget to visit at least one of these coffee shops in River North Chicago! You will not be disappointed with the wide array of delicious coffee that the neighborhood has to offer.

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