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Best of Chicago
If there’s one thing residents of Chicago apartments on the North Side love, it’s convenience.  Whether headed for the Loop or a local university, they want food that’s quick and tasty.  Food trucks fill the bill.

Chicago restaurants are known for their ability to please varied palates.  With rolling cuisine, residents have lots of opportunities to save time while enjoying some great dishes.  Here are 10 of the best:

If you crave Argentine empanadas, try the freshly baked fare from 5411 Empanadas.  Its truck is often in the Lake-Stetson, Daley Plaza, Adams-Wacker and Clark-Monroe areas.

If you’re headed north to Evanston and love tacos as early-morning fare, be on the lookout for the Amanecer Breakfast Tacos truck.  They have several stops along the Northwestern campus.

Check out the A.Sweets Girl truck for handmade concoctions like crème brûlée cupcakes near Michigan-Monroe area or the University of Illinois at Chicago campus.

Mexican favorites like steak tacos and burritos come with a modern twist at family-owned Aztec Dave’s Truck.  Look for it in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago, near North Bridge shops and around Adams-Wacker.

Also near the UC is the Babycakes truck.  You’ll love its fluffy pancakes, other breakfast fare and burgers.

Three Beavers Coffee and Donuts trucks cruise the Loop.  Try a donut with S’mores fixings.

What’s Chicago without coffee?  Whether you favor lattes or iced brews, you’ll enjoy coffee from the Big Shoulders Coffee truck around the Loop.

A visit to the Blue Street Market truck near Daley Plaza and other downtown locations is always a surprise.  The menu for its popular breakfast and lunch fare changes daily.

Feeling daring? Visit the Bob Cha Food Truck for Korean-Mexican dishes near the UC or in the Loop.

Chilly weather is a Chicago fixture. Warm up with delicious fare from the Soups in the Loop truck.

North Side apartments in Chicago offer the ultimate in convenience.  A quick commute to the suburbs and a walk to the nearby Loop are even more pleasant when you sample the fare of 10 topnotch Chicago food trucks.  Give us a call today to find out which floor plans are available to best meet your needs.

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