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Are you looking to add a four-legged friend to your family but are worried about how they’ll do in an apartment? Don’t worry! There are plenty of dogs who are perfect for this. Your friends here at River North Park have researched and gathered information on the best dogs to have when living in an apartment.

Here are 5 dog breeds that will not only survive in an apartment setting, they’ll thrive!

English Bulldog. A heavy sleeper, the English Bulldog is anything but rambunctious. Some shedding can be expected, but regular brushing will prevent your apartment from being covered in dog hair.
Pug. This adorable, big-eyed dog is happy to chill inside all day. Pugs tend to snore, so be sure to invest in a good pair of earplugs.
Greyhound. Yes, greyhounds are large, but they’re also lazy and incredibly easy to groom. If you’re prone to allergies, this is your dream dog.
Mastiff. Like the greyhound, the mastiff is much larger than the average apartment dog — but also quiet, obedient, and easy to groom. Mastiffs don’t bark up a storm, but they do let their human friends know when they detect suspicious behavior.
Chinese Crested. Originally bred to be a faithful companion to invalids, the funny-looking Chinese crested remains an excellent apartment dog. Chinese crested dogs are small and relatively lazy, so you won’t have to worry about your apartment being torn to shreds while you’re away.

Regardless of your dog’s breed, you will need to commit to a solid training regimen and regular walks. Additionally, it is imperative that you keep up to date with vaccinations and other treatments so as to prevent your pooch from spreading diseases to his or her doggie neighbors. A little extra care will go a long way as you establish a loving home for your four-legged friend.

If you choose the right breed, living in an apartment with your furry friend can be a blast. We are all about canine fun here at our apartments in Chicago, so get in touch today to see available floor plans and learn how you can find a great new home for Fido.

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