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There are times throughout  the day when a pet owner cannot keep a close eye on their pets. There are times when he or she might be sleeping, preoccupied with other tasks or not at home. Because  those moments are inevitable, it is very important to ensure the home is a safe environment for the pet.

Here are five things you can do to keep your pets safe at home.

The first thing you can do within the home is to keep it clean. Have anything that could be dangerous for the pet picked up and put away, including anything small the pet can choke on. Also hide away any electrical cords the pet can chew on.

The second thing that can be done is keep the trash out of the pet’s reach. This reduces the chances the pet will get into items that could be hazardous. These things include chocolate, old food and more.

The third thing that can be done is to look for any hazards. Potential hazards include anywhere the pet might get stuck on or anything it could get caught up in. Keep cabinet doors closed and secure anything that may fall over if the pet tries to climb it.

In addition to ensuring the home is safe for the pet, there are some things the pet owner can do to for the pet. Sometimes pets get out of the home, which is why it is important to have the pet wear a collar with ID tags, have it microchipped and have all information current.

Finally, when not at home, it is sometimes best to keep the pet confined in a crate or designated room. This will help ensure the pet does not get into anything it is not supposed to.

Ensuring a pet’s safety when at home is very important. By taking a few steps and preparing the home properly, both the pet owner and pet can enjoy a fun-filled life together.

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