5 Uses for Giardiniera

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Chicago is home to several unique culinary treats, one of which is giardiniera. Highly emblematic of the vibrant Italian community in Chicago, the name of this condiment is loosely translated from Italian into "from the garden." Whether you're a restaurant chef or a home cook, you can enjoy your own special giardiniera recipe in varying levels of hotness.

If you want to buy some or whip up your own in your new gourmet kitchen in your Chicago apartment, here are five uses for giardiniera that extend beyond sandwiches.

1. Spice up breakfast sandwiches and egg dishes.

If you like putting peppers in omelets and scrambled eggs to give them a little kick, especially if you had a few too many the night before, giardiniera and fresh eggs are a match made in heaven. A tablespoon or two in an omelet can take its flavor to a whole other dimension, and you can also layer it on a breakfast sandwich for something new.

2. Jazz up a casserole.

Casseroles are a great way to cook just once a week and have healthy ready-made food to come home to or take to work. If your casserole game is starting to get a little dull, add some giardiniera to the other ingredients prior to baking to give it a little kick.

3. Spicy, pickled avocado toast.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to spreading avocado slices on toast. Sriracha and pickled onion have become popular accompaniments, so the pickled goodness of giardiniera is a natural match.

4. Giardiniera-infused cornbread.

Cornbread isn't just for sopping up chili anymore. It can stand beautifully on its own as a side dish, and you can make delicious fresh cornbread by throwing a few tablespoons of giardiniera in with the batter prior to baking.

5. Burger toppings.

Giardiniera is the perfect match for vegan soy burgers and all-beef sliders alike. Since it's traditionally eaten with Italian beef sandwiches or with sausages and bratwurst, it only makes sense that it tastes great as a burger add-on as well.

Whether your taste veers toward spicy or mild, you can cook up all types of delicious dishes with state-of-the-art appliances in the River North community you'll be excited to call home. Contact us today to speak to a leasing agent.

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