3 Essential Chicago-Style Interior Design Tips

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brick wallWhen it comes to decorating your new Chicago apartment, giving it your own personal touch is a priority. If you're struggling to find ways to make it feel more home-like though, there's plenty of inspiration to be found right in the Windy City. Chicago has its own culture and personality that can easily turn an apartment that could be in any city into something emblematic you'll look forward to coming home to.

Here are some ways you can give your new home a look that's uniquely Chicagoan.

1. Grayscale colors accented by just one bright shade.

Blacks, whites, and grays are very evocative of the whole "windy" aspect and it's incredibly easy to put your own spin on decor with a vibrant accent color. Think rich charcoal-hued furniture with pops of color from lipstick-red throw pillows, silver-gray drapes accented by yellow or gold ties.

"Industrial meets modern" is commonly seen in Chicago interior design, and grays touched with color is the way to go.

2. Rustic brick is always a good choice.

Exposed brick walls are seen in many homes and businesses in Chicago. Buildings have come and gone but the comforting style of bricks remains popular. Brick-print wall decals can lend an exposed brick look to your walls.

If you don't want to commit to that many "bricks" or it would clash with the rest of the decor, just one or two decorative bricks inscribed with a custom phrase or image are a fun and kitschy decoration that can add a Chicago vibe to any room.

3. Go for "floating" decorations.

Decorations that literally float haven't become a thing yet, but wall hangings that extrude add an artistic touch that can be as rustic or modern as your taste allows. You can also create simple and elegant "floating" decorations using fishing tackle to suspend decorative items from the ceiling.

Geometric shapes are a popular choice for a slick modern look while Art Deco style is a great way to stay consistent with older Chicago style decor.

No matter your interior decorating style, you'll be excited to call River North home and get the most of the Chicago experience in the heart of the city. Contact us today to speak to a leasing agent.

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