How to Start Working Out When You Haven’t Been to the Gym for a While

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Like many people, when the residents of our Chicago, IL apartments get busy, the gym can find its way on the bottom of the priorities list. If this sounds familiar, you probably understand how hard it can be to get back into the swing of workout things once you've fallen out of practice. Fortunately, there are small steps you can take before making the big leap into the gym.

Start by Walking

Get your body used to the idea of exercise by taking a few brisk laps around your block. Walking warms up the muscles and gets your blood flowing. It's a great way to enjoy low-impact exercise that prepares your body for bigger and better things ahead.

Take the Stairs

Skipping the elevator in favor of the stairs is a great way to get your heart rate up gradually and in a healthy way.

Invite a Friend

It's a lot less scary to face the workout situation when you're not going it alone. Invite a friend who has similar fitness goals to join you at the gym, or consider joining group classes where you'll be in the company of other like-minded individuals who are looking for ways to be their best, healthiest selves.

Download an App

If being in the presence of other people is intimidating, try working out a few hours a week in the privacy of your own home. There are plenty of workout apps that will help you get motivated while simultaneously tracking your progress. YouTube is also filled with a plethora of fitness videos you can partake in from the comfort of your living room.

Set Reasonable Goals

Sure, working out seven days a week might sound like a great idea on paper, but is this a reasonable goal? Probably not. Setting unreasonable expectations will often lead to failure, which can further make you feel bad. Instead, set reasonable goals that are completely attainable, then adjust your goal-setting process as your fitness regimen progresses.

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