Tips for Keeping Stainless Steel Looking Fresh and Clean

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Some people think stainless steel appliances, beautiful as they may be, simply aren't worth the effort it takes to keep them looking nice and clean. It's easier than it looks, but as with anything in life worth doing, it does require effort.

There's a Trick To It

The first step to cleaning stainless steel: Get to know the grain. A vinyl countertop can be scrubbed and wiped in any direction you like. Straight across, zigzag, crazy circles — it doesn't matter. With stainless steel, you're going to need to get familiar with the grain. Take a close look and check the direction of the grain. Do the same for knobs, handles and other areas of your appliances as these might not match the surface. When you clean with the grain, you'll always get a better shine.

It's true that you should avoid using most off-the-shelf cleaners on stainless steel, but you may be surprised at the broad range of products you can use to clean and polish stainless steel: Baby oil, WD-40, white vinegar, olive oil, club soda — even flour. With acids like white vinegar, you can use a spray bottle and wipe the stainless steel with a cloth as many times as needed to get rid of grime. Then you can polish with oil: Apply a little to a cloth, wipe with the grain, then wipe away the product with a clean cloth. For fingerprints, a bit of window cleaner should do the job for spot cleaning.

And we weren't joking about flour. However, you may want to reserve this trick for the sink as it leaves you with a bit of a mess to sweep up after use on a countertop or fridge. Clean the sink using whatever method you choose, then, instead of polishing it with oil, wait for the surface to dry and then cover it with flour. From there you can use a circular motion to polish the stainless steel with the flour, and then rinse the sink clean.

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