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Making the Most Out of Convertible Apartment Space

Convertible apartments are also known as junior one-bedrooms or flex-apartments, and they are very similar to a studio but larger and have distinctly separated areas most often allocated by residents as a bedroom. Those looking to maximize on the space provided in a convertible apartment should consider these easy tips. Incorporate a Room Partition Foldable room…

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All Natural Air Fresheners

Living in apartments in Chicago, you may have a great view and a location that can’t be beaten. One downfall to apartment living is that sometimes your apartment may feel a bit confined or stuffy, and you’d like to enjoy cleaner, fresher-smelling air. However, store-bought, chemical-filled deodorizers are not always the best solution. They are expensive, bad…

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Organizational Tips for Apartment Living

Even when you have a large apartment, organizing your belongings can be a challenge. Below are some helpful organizing tips for apartment living. Over-the-Door Organizers Your belongings can take up a great deal of space in your apartment. To help with this issue, it’s smart to have storage in places you wouldn’t expect. One item that…

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