3 Medicine Ball Exercises for Beginners

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Amenities are one of the big reasons why many residents choose a Chicago, IL apartment over a rowhouse or similar abode — amenities like the 24-hour fitness center we have at River North Park. In our fitness center, residents enjoy open access to many great pieces of equipment big and small. One type of equipment you can use to get fit and toned is a medicine ball.

Medicine balls look like padded, heavier versions of your typical playground kickball, but they offer so much more in terms of exercise. With the right positioning and movement, you can really transform routine exercises into power ones. Just check out the following list of our favorite beginner medicine ball exercises:

3 Medicine Ball Exercises for Beginners

  • Medicine Ball Lunge with Twist. For this exercise, you'll begin by standing with the medicine ball held close to your chest. Then, step forward in a lunge with your left foot and press the ball forward. Once in the lunge position, twist to the left for thirty seconds. Repeat with the right foot forward. For best effects, complete three sets with each leg. 
  • Medicine Ball Squats. Like the previous exercise, you'll begin in a standing position with the medicine ball close to your chest. Then, as you squat down, engage your core muscles and push the ball to the front in that extended position. Hold for thirty seconds, follow with a thirty-second rest, and aim to repeat for three positions.
  • Medicine Ball Balance. Begin in the standing position with the medicine ball close to the chest in both hands. Then slowly bend your left knee and lift your foot from the ground while holding the ball above your head for thirty seconds. Then, still balancing on the right leg, move the ball to just your right hand and hold for another thirty seconds. Move it back to the center and hold with just your left hand for thirty seconds. Then slowly return to a standing position, rest for thirty seconds before repeating it on the opposite leg. 

Read Up and Take Your Exercises Slow

Before starting any new exercise routine, it's always a good idea to do research, including watching videos to be sure you are using the correct form. And if you have other questions about using the exercise equipment room in the fitness center at our Chicago area apartments, don't hesitate to contact our front staff. 


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