Quiet Fitness Activities for Apartment Living

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When you don’t want to exercise outside due to temperature extremes or bad weather, you can still get your daily dose of physical activity in your apartment. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do quiet activities that won’t bother your neighbors. Consider including one or more of the following fitness activities in your workout routine.

Lift Weights

If you want to do some strength training at home, you can easily do this with a couple of dumbbells. Hold one in each hand, and alternate doing curls with them toward your chest to give your biceps a workout. Doing this activity doesn’t involve jumping or making any noise, so it’s ideal for apartment workouts. If you have a weight bench in your apartment, you should be aware that the bars on these can make a clanging sound that might disturb your neighbors when you lift weights. 

Do Stretches

Stretching is a great way to make sure that your muscles are ready for a workout, which helps lower your risk of injuries. Doing stretches also keeps your muscles and joints more flexible overall. You can do simple stretches in your apartment that give your arms, legs and other muscles a good workout. For example, you can stand or lie down while pulling one knee up to your chest, then switch to the other knee. You can also alternate reaching up and over with each arm. Another form to try is the butterfly stretch that involves sitting with your feet together and knees bent while pushing your thighs down toward the floor as much as possible.

Try Low-Impact Cardio Moves

Cardio exercises give your heart and muscles a solid workout. Jumping jacks and similar cardio exercises are too noisy to do in apartments, but there are others you can try. These include curtsy lunges that involve standing in a lunge position, holding one leg slightly diagonal behind you and dipping in a curtsy move. Doing plank exercises or low-impact squats are also good cardio moves that won’t bother your neighbors. 


If you’re looking for a place to exercise outside your home, our community includes a 24-hour fitness center. Please contact us for more details on our apartments in Chicago, IL.

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